From cosmetics and brushes to skin care, we’ve got you covered, offering an extensive color and shade selection and completely customizable formulas to meet your unique beauty desires. Whether you choose to go synthetic or keep it all natural, our products are cruelty free as well as some vegan friendly options.  Our fill types include loose powder, pressed powder, liquid pouring, and hot pouring to accommodate almost any product you dream up. After we’ve whipped up a batch of your product, a sample will be sent for micro testing to ensure the product meets our high standards of quality. If you wish to inquire about whether we offer a specific product, head over to our Contact Us page and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

We also offer custom tooling to better suit the needs of your desired aesthetic. Whether you want a pressed blush with your brand logo or an embossed eyeshadow that matches the theme of your product line, we can accommodate your requests. Simply show us the design you want for your products or packaging and we’ll have it made for you. This includes different types of packaging as well, such as bottles, tubes, or jars. Coming soon we will also have graphic designers on staff who can help design your packaging if you don’t currently have a mock up. 



We provide advanced quality control in an industry where excellence is expected. Measures are applied throughout the manufacturing process from the chemist in our labs to the production line, assuring you the finest products and packaging ...Read More


  contract cosmetics manufacturing 

Lab Services

Our Lab services comprise a key element of our business strategy and provide for the timely development and production of a wide variety of cosmetic products. ...Read More


  contract cosmetics manufacturing 

Product Development

Our lab staff develops and implements appropriate manufacturing procedures and quality control programs for our customers. We also manufactuer products in accordance with proprietary formulas provide by our customers ...Read More


  contract cosmetics manufacturing